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  • Teacher Caught on Video Getting Oral Sex

  • Sunday, February 26th, 2012
  • You remember the girl that sat next to you in history class, wearing a short little skirt and getting the good grades. You always wondered if that sexy slut had some hanky panky going on with the instructor. Well now you can not only find out who is fucking Mr. History Lessons, but you can watch the hardcore video captured on hidden spy cameras! These free movie clips came to us from a private investigator who worked for a college that needed to check out wild rumors that were going around regarding a certain teacher who was supposedly giving out good grades in exchange for blowjobs. Check out this hidden sex tape featuring a hot little student giving her professor a sloppy blow!

    Student Slut Blows Teacher

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  • Stripper Sex Caught on Hidden Camera

  • Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
  • The girl on the left in these video stills is a long-time stripper at a local club and is known for being a lesbian cougar by the girls who work with her. When a new girl starts at the club, she’s right there to make friends with them, and it isn’t long before she’s convinced them to spread their pretty legs and allow her to lick their clits. She tells them that she’s going to help them earn more cash by plumping up their pussies and getting them wet, but really all she wants is to satisfy her need for the pussy. What she didn’t know was that the owner of the club had installed hidden cams and they busted her on film having lesbian sex! Watch this horny whore licking lesbian cooter as she gets caught on camera in sex vids that were sent to!

    Stripper Sex Caught on Hidden Video

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