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  • Human Resources is Going to Be Popular with this Hot Spy Sex Video

  • November 28th, 2010 by thegirl
  • Human Resources is one of those departments that usually ends up getting the most boring and annoying work to go through. Interviewing is one of those monotonous tasks that most HR people try to avoid. This guy, however, has found that interviewing has some rather great perks in this economy. Namely, that these chicks are so hard up that they have no problem fucking him to try to get the job. He might not know about the spycam taping every minute of it, but even when he does get busted for the interviews at least he has had plenty of pussy to be happy about. Not only does this chick ride his dick like it's a rollercoaster, she also starts him off with a breathtaking blowjob that leaves him so close to orgasm that it’s a wonder he managed to fuck this gorgeous, curvy job applicant at all.

    This interview gets hot

    Check out his sordid interview at Busted on Film.

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